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Living My Dream: An Artistic Approach to Marketing

by Synthia SAINT JAMES - $20.00 (plus shipping charges)

***Nominated for "Outstanding Literary Work

Instructional" - 2012 NAACP Image Awards***

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Definition of a "Giclee on Canvas"

Giclee (zhee-klay) - The French word "giclée" means a spray or a spurt of liquid. 

The term "giclee" connotes an elevation in printmaking technology. 

Images are generated from high resolution digital scans and printed with archival 

quality inks. The giclee printing process provides better color accuracy than other 

means of reproduction.


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"Curacao Dreams" NOW Available @ Pre-Publication Prices

Limited Edition Giclees on Canvas (add 2" of Brilliant Blue Borders for Canvas Size

24x20"    Retail Price= $650   Pre-Pub= $325

20x16"    Retail Price= $550   Pre-Pub= $275

16x12"    Retail Price= $450   Pre-Pub= $225


"Tea and Conversations" NOW Available @ Introductory Prices

Limited Edition Print - 24x18"

Retail Price= $200  Introductory Price= $125

Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas (add 2" of blue-violet borders all around size)

24x20" -  Retail Price= $650  Introductory Price= $325

20x16" -  Retail Price= $550  Introductory Price= $275

16x12" -  Retail Price= $450  Introductory Price= $225


"High Priestess: Haiti" NOW Available @ Pre-Publication Prices

Original Oil & Acrylic on Canvas  -  30x30x1.5"

Limited Edition Giclees on Canvas

30x30"   Pre-Pub=  $700    Retail=  $900

25x25"   Pre-Pub=  $600    Retail=  $800

20x20"   Pre-Pub=  $450    Retail=  $650

15x15"   Pre-Pub=  $250    Retail=  $450


In Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the March On Washington and

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech I Have A Dream.


"The Dream"  Oil & Acrylic on Canvas  36x24"

(Original Painting Available)


**Limited Editions Fine Art Reproductions at the CELEBRATION Prices**


Limited Edition Giclees on Canvas (300 in each edition)

36x24"        Retail= $875       Celebration= $675

27x18"        Retail= $675       Celebration= $475

18x12"        Retail= $450       Celebration= $300


Limited Edition Print - UV Coated Fine Art Reproduction (450 in edition)

24x18"        Retail= $200       Celebration= $150


Artist Proofs of Limited Edition Print (45 APs in edition)

24x18"        Retail= $400


Remarques of Limited Edition Print (5 Prints with a small original drawing)

24x18"        Retail= $500


"Full Moonscape II"

Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas @ Pre-Publication Prices

30x15"      Retail= $650        Pre-Pub= $325

22x11"      Retail= $450        Pre-Pub= $225

15x7"        Retail= $325        Pre-Pub= $165


"Freedom School" - Commissioned by the Long Beach Freedom School

"Freedom School"  Acrylic on Canvas  36x24"

Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas at Pre-Publication Prices

36x24"         Pre-Pub= $575       Retail= $875

27x18"         Pre-Pub= $375       Retail= $675

18x12"         Pre-Pub= $200       Retail= $450

Limited Edition Print

24x18"         Introductory= $100   Retail= $125


"Maestro" - Celebrating the Southeast Symphony Association

"Maestro"      Acrylic on Canvas     28x22"

Limited Edition Giclees on Canvas at Pre-Publication Prices

28x22"         Retail= $800          Pre-Pub= $600

24x18"         Retail= $650          Pre-Pub= $450

16x12"         Retail= $400          Pre-Pub= $200



***In Celebration of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority's Centennial*** 

"Crimson & Cream" - (Original - Collection of Cynthia M.A. Butler-McIntyre)

Limited Edition Giclees on Canvas Centennial Sale Prices:

28x22"             Retail= $750      Sale Price= $375

23x18"             Retail= $650      Sale Price= $325

15x12"             Retail= $400      Sale Price= $200


"Nigerian Women"  24x20"  Acrylic on Canvas Painting



Limited Edition Giclees on Canvas:


24x20"           Pre-Pub=  $500      Retail= $700

20x16"           Pre-Pub=  $350      Retail= $550

16x12"           Pre-Pub=  $250      Retail= $450


"Spirit of St. Agnes"  30x40"  Oil & Acrylic on Canvas Painting

Celebrating the History and Legacy of St. Agnes Hospital, Raleigh, NChttp://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2641988/


Limited Edition Giclees on Canvas:

30x40"           Pre-Pub=  $750     Retail=  $950

18x24"           Pre-Pub=  $500     Retail=  $650

12x16"           Pre-Pub=  $300     Retail=  $450


"Ville Bonheur"  30x40"  Oil & Acrylic on Canvas Painting

Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas:

30x40"           Pre-Pub=  $750    Retail=  $950

18x24"           Pre-Pub=  $500    Retail=  $650

12x16"           Pre-Pub=  $300    Retail=  $450


"Enlightenment: ASU"  40x30"  Acrylic on Canvas Painting

Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas:

40x30"           Pre-Pub=  $750     Retail=  $950

24x18"           Pre-Pub=  $500     Retail=  $650

16x12"           Pre-Pub=  $300     Retail=  $450


"SHANGO: God of Fire"  36x36" Acrylic on Canvas Painting - Copyright 2004


Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas:

36x36"            Pre-Pub Price=  $750     Retail=  $950

30x30"            Pre-Pub Price=  $650     Retail=  $850

24x24"            Pre-Pub Price=  $600     Retail=  $750

20x20"            Pre-Pub Price=  $500     Retail=  $650

16x16"            Pre-Pub Price=  $350     Retail=  $450



Synthia SAINT JAMES - Haitian Series - Circa 2012, Los Feliz, CA



"Souvenance: The Sacred Mapou"

Oil & Acrylic on Canvas  36x30x1.5"

Limited Edition Giclees on Canvas:

36x30"          Pre-Pub= $725       Retail= $925

27x21"          Pre-Pub= $600       Retail= $750

19x15"          Pre-Pub= $450       Retail= $600

16x12"          Pre-Pub= $300       Retail= $450



"Pilgrimage: Saut d'Eau"    

Oil & Acrylic on Canvas   48x24x1.5"

Limited Edition Giclees on Canvas:

48x24"          Pre-Pub= $900       Retail= $1,100

36x18"          Pre-Pub= $650       Retail= $800

24x12"          Pre-Pub= $450       Retail= $600

12x6"            Pre-Pub= $150       Retail= $300


"Healing Waters: Haiti"  Oil & Acrylic on Canvas    


Limited Edition Giclees on Canvas:

30x30"        Retail= $850

24x24"        Retail= $750

20x20"        Retail= $650

16x16"        Retail= $450


"Le Carnaval"   Acrylic on Canvas  40x30x1.5"

LE Giclees on Canvas:

40x30"          Pre-Pub= $750        Retail= $950

24x18"          Pre-Pub= $500        Retail= $650

16x12"          Pre-Pub= $300        Retail= $450


"Erzulie: Haitian Goddess of Love"   

Oil & Acrylic on Canvas  30x24x1.5"

LE Giclees on Canvas:

30x24"       Pre-Pub= $600        Retail= $800

22x18"       Pre-Pub= $500        Retail= $650

15x12"       Pre-Pub= $250        Retail= $400


"Le Village"  Acrylic on Canvas   30x30x1.5"

LE Giclees on Canvas:

30x30"       Pre-Pub= $650      Retail= $850

24x24"       Pre-Pub= $600      Retail= $750

20x20"       Pre-Pub= $500      Retail= $650

16x16"       Pre-Pub= $350      Retail= $450


"Les Femmes"   Oil & Acrylic on Canvas  36x24x1.5"

LE Giclees on Canvas:

36x24"        Pre-Pub= $750       Retail= $875

27x18"        Pre-Pub= $550       Retail= $675

18x12"        Pre-Pub= $300       Retail= $450


From the "Totem" Mural Design:

"Eagle Totem"

LE Giclees on Canvas:

17x15"        Retail= $450

24x22"        Retail= $650

 34x30"        Retail= $900


"Totem"   Acrylic on Canvas   48x12.75"

LE Giclees on Canvas:

48x12"        Retail= $900

36x9"          Retail= $650

 24x6"          Retail= $450


Introducing "The Traveling Teacup" Signature Painting

for Carolyn Webb de Macias - http://www.travelingteacup.com

"The Traveling Teacup"  Acrylic on Canvas 24x24x1.5"

Now Available @ Pre-Publication Prices as LE Giclees on Canvas

24x24"     Pre-Pub Price=  $500       Retail=  $750

20x20"     Pre-Pub Price=  $400       Retail=  $650

16x16"     Pre-Pub Price=  $300       Retail=  $550




The fourth painting in the SAINT JAMES Series on Haiti

"Chou Chou Beach"  Oil & Acrylic on Canvas

Limited Edition Giclees on Canvas:

24x30"    PRE-PUB=  $550   Retail=  $800

18x22"    PRE-PUB=  $450   Retail=  $650

12x15"    PRE-PUB=  $200   Retail=  $400



***COMING SOON...Synthia SAINT JAMES Fine Art Reproductions on Plexiglass***

Fine Art on Plexiglass is a very popular NEW medium that can be reproduced in sizes large

or small for homes, offices, buildings, restaurants and more...


Synthia SAINT JAMES Vignette



"Les Enfants" aka "The Children of Haiti"

"Les Enfants"  Acrylic on Canvas   30x24"

Limited Edition Giclees on Canvas:

30x24"    PRE-PUB=  $550   Retail= $800


22x18"    PRE-PUB=  $450   Retail= $650

15x12"    PRE-PUB=  $200   Retail= $400


"Petion-Ville Market I" aka "Haitian Market"  

 Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas

"Petion-Ville Market I"   Acrylic on Canvas   36x24"


 36x24"       Retail= $875


 27x18"       Retail= $675


 18x12"       Retail= $450



"Petion-Ville Market II"   Acrylic on Canvas  36x24"


36x24"     Retail= $875

27x18"     Retail= $675

18x12"     Retail= $450


"Petion-Ville Market I & II" - The Diptych (side by side)

Special Introductory Prices If Purchased as a Set:



72x48"   Introductory=  $1,400     Retail= $1,750

54x36"   Introductory=  $1,150        Retail= $1,350

36x24"   Introductory=  $700        Retail= $900



"The Turks & Caicos"   Oil & Acrylic on Canvas   24x24x3"

Now Available as a Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas 

Sizes and Promotional Prices:


15x15"      $300          Retail= $450

20x20"      $500          Retail= $650

24x24"      $700          Retail= $800


"Elevation" - The Signature Painting Commissioned by Saint Augustine's College and Unveiled on Friday, October 21st as part of the Homecoming Weekend Festivities - Now Available as a Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas



15x15"         Retail= $450

20x20"         Retail= $650

24x24"         Retail= $800

30x30"         Retail= $950



"Bellefontaine"  Oil on Canvas  36x48"

When I visited the island of Martinique in 1985.  The experience was not only incredible but it created the inspiration that developed my signature style of painting people featureless.  "Bellefontaine" is one of my vintage treasures that I'd like to share with you now.  The Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas is now available at Promotional Prices.


36x48"            $975             Retail= $1,200

30x40"            $750             Retail= $950

18x24"            $450             Retail= $650

12x16"            $250             Retail= $450


"Aruba Fantasy"   Oil & Acrylic on Canvas   22x28"

Now Available as a Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas


22x28"            Retail= $750

19x24"            Retail= $650

16x20"            Retail= $550

12x16"            Retail= $450



"Sisters of Providence"  Acrylic on Canvas  36x48"

Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas

Promotional Prices:

36x48"               $975            Retail= $1,200

30x40"               $750                             950

18x24"               $450                             650

12x16"               $250                             450


"First Family" aka "The Obamas"

"First Family"    Acrylic & Oil on Canvas   40x30"

Promotional Prices:

40x30"              $750             Retail= $950 

32x24"              $650             Retail= $850

24x18"              $450             Retail= $650

20x15"              $350             Retail= $550  





The Summer 2009 Cover - "Fire Rainbow Obama"


"Mardi Gras" Latest LE Giclee on Canvas

"Mardi Gras"  Acrylic & Oil on Canvas 36x48"

Promotional Prices:

36x48"        $975           Pub Price= $1,200

30x40"        $750           Pub Price=      950

18x24"        $450           Pub Price=      650

12x16"        $250           Pub Price=      450


"Zydeco" LE Giclee on Canvas

"Zydeco" Acrylic on Canvas 30x24x3"


30x24"              Retail= $800

22x18"              Retail= $650

15x12"              Retail= $450



"Harlem Renaissance" aka "Jazzed" LE Giclee on Canvas

"Harlem Renaissance" aka "Jazzed"  40x30x1.5" Oil & Acrylic

 32x24"      $850


 24x18"      $650

 20x15"      $550



"Madiba Mandela" LE Giclee on Canvas

"Madiba Mandela"  Acrylic on Canvas   24x24x3"


On Friday, November 5, 2010, His Excellency Nelson Mandela was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award by AFRICARE, an organization celebrating 40 years of service to Africa, at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC.

I was so honored when I was commissioned to create the art he received as the award "Madiba Mandela", which was accepted by his daughter Zindzi Mandela and his grandson Zondwa Mandela.

In CELEBRATION of Nelson Mandela and his Legacy - "Madiba Mandela" is available as a Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas in 3 sizes.  Twenty-five (25%) of the your purchase price will be donated

to the NELSON MANDELA CHILDRENS FUND (receipts available upon request):

16x16"  -   $450

20x20"  -   $650

24x24"  -   $750


"Angel of GOLDEN Light" - The Latest SAINT JAMES/BIBBS Collaboration

Limited Edition Giclee on Archival Paper - 200 Signed & Numbered with 20 Artists Proofs - Hand-signed by both artists.

Introductory Prices: 

26x26" Signed & Numbered= $600

Artist Proofs=              $900



aka "A Tribute to Xernona Clayton"

Original Oil & Acrylic on Canvas - 30x30" 

In celebration of her 80th birthday...and her extraordinary life!

Available to order as a Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas as follows:


15x15"  -   $400

20x20"  -   $650

30x30"  -   $800




"To SOAR"  

Original Oil & Acrylic on Canvas Painting          10x30x1"


To SOAR: To FLY to our highest heights physically, mentally,

emotionally and spiritually in our lifetimes and beyond...

a daily affirmation.


Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas

Image Size= 10x30"   Canvas Size= 14x34"

Retail Price= $500





"Juneteenth"  Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas

14x14"  -   $450

20x20"  -   $650

24x24"  -   $750



"Juneteenth" Hand Signed Poster   27x19"   $60


"Earth Mother" LE Giclee on Canvas

"Earth Mother" - Commissioned by Andrew Brazington, 

President, United American Indians of the Delaware Valley.


16x12"  -   $450


24x18"  -   $650


32x24"  -   $850



"Zebra Butterfly"

Original Painting  -  Acrylic on Canvas 24x24x3"

Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas in 3 sizes 

(all with 2" teal borders) - 


14x14"       Retail= $450

20x20"       Retail= $650

24x24"       Retail= $750



"Oshum" The Goddess of Love& Creativity

Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas

(All sizes below have 2" blue borders)


15x12"   -    $400

22x18"   -    $650

30x24"   -    $750


"Brotherhood" - Celebrating the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity 


"Brotherhood"  Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas

19x16" with 2" borders

Retail Price= $475

24x20" with 2" gray borders 

Retail Price= $675


30x25" with 2" gray borders

Retail Price= $800


"Tailed Jay" - Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas


"Tailed Jay"  Acrylic on Canvas Original - 24x24x3"

Inspired by the Butterfly Gardens, Victoria, BC (Canada)



LE Giclee on Canvas 14x14" (with 2" borders)

Retail Price= $450



LE Giclee on Canvas 20x20" (with 2" borders)

Retail Price= $650




"CROWNS" - Fine Art Reproductions


"CROWNS"   Acrylic on Canvas   40x30"

 Limited Edition Offset Lithograph - 30x22.5" - $300


 Signed Poster - 24x18" - $60


"Obatala" - LE Giclee on Canvas - Orisha Series


"Obatala"        Oil on Canvas       24x36x1.5


12x18"    -    $450



18x27"    -    $675


24x36"    -    $875



"A Turks & Caicos Sunset" - LE Giclee on Canvas


"A Turks & Caicos Sunset" - Oil & Acrylic on Canvas  24x36x3"

Available in an Edition of 300 in 3 sizes listed below:

12x18"  $450


18x27"  $675

24x36"  $875


"Butterflies Dream" -LE Giclee on Canvas


"Butterflies Dream"  Acrylic on Canvas  12x16"

Available in an Edition of 300 in 2 sizes at the following Introductory Prices:

12x16"  -   $400


18x24"  -   $650


"Tuscan Sunflowers" - LE Giclee on Canvas


"Tuscan Sunflowers"  Oil & Acrylic on Canvas   30x24x3"

Available in an Edition of 300 in 2 sizes at the following Introductory Prices:

12x15"  $400


30x24"  $850


"Fire Rainbow Obama"  Limited Edition Giclees on Canvas (Editions of 300)


15x12" =  $400


22.5x18" =  $650 


30x24" =  $750 



Click below to view the Circle of Promise Unveiling.






BIBBS/SAINT JAMES Collaborations:


"Nana's Arms"

LE of 100 Giclees on Paper  -  Image Size= 12x9"  Paper Size= 15x12"

Retail Price= $375


"Brown Beauties"

LE of 100 Giclees on Paper  -  Image Size= 14x11"  Paper Size= 17x14"

Retail Price= $375


"A Taste of Tuscany"

LE of 200 Giclees on Canvas  -  Image Size= 15x30"  Canvas Size= 19x34"

Retail Price= $650

SPECIAL Price= $500


"Piaf" aka "A Tribute to Edith Piaf"

LE of 200 Giclees on Canvas  -  Image Size= 24x30"  Canvas Size= 28x34"

Retail Price= $700

SPECIAL Price= $550


"A Brilliant Sky" 

LE Giclee on Canvas -  Edition of 200 w/20 APs

Image Size= 24x24" with 2" borders all around

SPECIAL Price= $450 

Retail Price= $650

(The original painting is available for purchase)




"CIRCLE OF PROMISE" - Commissioned by Susan G. Komen for the Cure:


The "Circle of Promise" begins in the center of the painting where

the women wearing pink and magenta are gathered together creating

the beginning of the circle that spirals out to include Black women

of all age groups and radiant skin tones.


The woman, exact center wearing magenta, is the symbol and source

of the knowledge and enlightenment needed regarding breast cancer.

The color cadmium yellow at the top of the painting symbolizes golden

healing light and love, as does the use of this color throughout the 



"Circle of Promise" is meant to encourage hope, healing, unity and love

in our fight against breast cancer.  I'm so proud to be serving as a 

National Ambassador for this campaign.  Please visit and read further

about our campaign - http://www.circleofpromise.org


"FATHERHOOD" - Commissioned by PROJECT FATHERHOOD & Children's Institute International:

"Fatherhood"              Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas

Edition of 200 Signed & Numbered with 20 Artist Proofs


Publication Price= $650


"Conjure Man"     LE Giclee on Canvas     22x18" (Image Size)  26x22" (Canvas)

  Edition Size= 100 plus 10 Artist Proofs



Introducing "Medicine Man" the latest in the SAINT JAMES - BIBBS Collaboration Series:

"Medicine Man" - Oil, Acrylic, Pen & Ink - 40x30 

 The Limited Edition Giclee on Archival Paper measuring 27x20" is now available.





"Old Same - Laotong" - Now Available as a LE Giclee on Canvas

Edition Size of 200 Signed & Numbered w/20 Artist Proofs

20x20" Image Size 24x24" Canvas Size Retail Price - $650


"Celebration Of A People"  -  Painting Commissioned for "The Black Candle" 

 The documentary film by M.K. Asante, Jr & narrated by Dr. Maya Angelou.





"The Color Purple Quartette"  - Paintings Inspired by the Musical


"Who Dat Say" (aka "Miss Celie's Pants") Acrylic & Oil Canvas 24x24"

Limited Edition (200) Giclee on Canvas - Image Size 24x24"   $650



Click Link Below -  "Miss Celie's Pants" - Lyrics & Song




"A Butterfly's Dream: To Soar"  Acrylic on Canvas 14x18"

Limited Edition (200) Giclee on Canvas Image Size= 14x18" $475




"Shades of Purple"                 Oil & Acrylic on Canvas                   24x30"

Limited Edition (200) Giclee on Canvas - Image Size= 20x25"   $700




"Church Ladies Too"  Acrylic on Canvas  24x18"

Limited Edition (200) Giclee on Canvas Image Size= 24x18"   $650







"Up Up & Away"      Acrylic on Canvas      36x24"

~~~Original Available for Purchase~~~


LE Giclee on Canvas in 3 sizes:


18x12" (with 2" violet blue border)  $450 -  SPECIAL Price= $300

24x16" (with 2" violet blue border)  $650 -  SPECIAL Price= $500

34x24" (with 2" violet blue border)  $850 -  SPECIAL Price= $700

The Leimert Park Village Book Festival 



"Our Festival"    Giclee on Canvas   22x18"   $650


"Enrichment"  Original Acrylic on Canvas

Commissioned by the School of Continuing Education                                    

Anaheim, California, and unveiled on May 17, 2007


"Enrichment"  LE Giclee on Canvas 

Edition of 100 Signed & Numbered - 24x18" = $650

Edition of 100 Signed & Numbered - 32x24" = $850


African American Business Summit 2007

10th Anniversary Commissioned LE Poster

"Turning Point"      LE Poster          24x18"

Click below to purchase Artists Proofs = $175


Also available as a Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas     

Edition of 100 Signed & Numbered = $650



"Umbrella Dreams" LE Giclee on Canvas 24x18"  $650

~~~Original Available for Purchase~~~


"Tchokola" LE Giclee on Canvas  27x44" $1,100


~~~Original Available for Purchase~~~


"Sisters In Spirit" LE Giclee on Somerset Velvet Paper 27x20"   $500



"Sisters In Spirit" LE Giclee on Canvas 27x20"   $650




"Young Love Fiji"  LE Giclee on Canvas  20x20" Image Size   $650                                             




~~~Original Available for Purchase~~~


"Beach Ball Fantasy"         LE Giclee On Canvas      20x20" Image Size       $650 




"Brilliance"             Acrylic on Canvas              18x22"

~~~Original Available for Purchase~~~


Available as a Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas  

12x15"  -  S/N  -  $  400


18x22"  -  S/N  -  $  650  

35x40"  -  S/N  -  $1,350






"Jean-Michel Basquiat"  

  Hand Painted Embellished Giclee on Canvas     35x24"   Limited Edition of 10 -  $2,500




From the "Seascapes Revisited" Series:


"Wee Morning"                Oil on Canvas                    48x42"


Giclee on Canvas    40x 36"    Edition Size 100 S/N=       $ 1,100


                                                                          Artist Proofs - 10=            $ 2,200



"Magic Island"           Oil & Acrylic on Canvas                30x40"


 Giclee on Canvas      Image Size= 8x10"  Canvas Size= 10x12"

 Edition=  295 Signed & Numbered = $ 150    Artist Proof= $ 225

 Giclee on Canvas      Image Size= 26x34"  Canvas Size= 30x38"

 Edition=  100 Signed & Numbered - $ 975    Artist Proof= $ 1,950

"High Priestess"   Giclee on Canvas 22x28"   Edition Size 100 S/N=  $ 650


                                                               Artist Proofs 10=       $ 1,300


"Culmination"   Giclee on Canvas   30x26"  Edition Size 100 S/N=  $ 800 


                                                                                                                      Artist Proofs 10=  1,600




"Solar Eclipse St. Thomas"

~~~Original Available for Purchase~~~


 Image Size= 15 x45"                        Canvas Size= 19 x 49"

 Edition=  100 Signed & Number  -  $850



 w/ 10 Artist Proofs -    $1,700



 TWO GICLEES from the Children's Picture Book:



"No Mirrors In My Nana's House"


 Image Size=  11.5 x 18"             Canvas Size= 15.5 x 22"

  Edition Size=     100 Signed & Numbered   -   $600


 w/ 10 Artist Proofs -     $1,200



"Noise In The Hall"


 Image Size=  11.5 x 18"           Canvas Size=  15.5 x 22"

 Edition Size=   100 Signed & Numbered      -  $600 


 w/ 10 Artist Proofs  -  $1,200



**Charles BIBBS / Synthia SAINT JAMES Collaborations**



"Bajan Woman"


 Image Size=   11.5 x 8.5"         Paper Size=  15 x 11.5"

 Edition Size=  100 Signed & Numbered by BIBBS & SAINT JAMES  -  $475


 w/ 10 Remarques    -   $1,000          



"Sisters"  (aka "Big Sis")


 Image Size=   13.5 x 10.5"     Paper Size=  17 x 13.5"

 Edition Size=   100 Signed & Numbered by BIBBS & SAINT JAMES  -  $475


 w/ 10 Remarques  -  $1,000            


"Precious" -  First BIBBS/SAINT JAMES Collaboration 1996



 Image Size= 22 x 14"               Paper Size= 27 x 18"

  Original Edition Size=  1000 Signed & Numbered w/100 Artist Proofs


 Printers Proofs NOW Available -  $500


"Precious Special Offer" - $400







"Together We Know No Bounds", the original acrylic on canvas painting commissioned by the 100 Black Men of America, Inc. for their 20th Anniversary Conference, was unveiled at the Omni @ CNN Hotel in Atlanta, GA on June 8, 2006.


"Together We Know No Bounds"    34x26"     Limited Edition Print      $ 300


"Let Somebody Know", the original acrylic on canvas painting was commissioned by the Metropolitan AME Church (Harlem, New York) as part of their Renovation Project, and was unveiled at The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture on February 17, 2006. Proceeds from the limited edition prints sold directly from the church are raising funds for the 105 year old church's renovation.  


"Let Somebody Know"      24x20"       Limited Edition Print        $ 250


                                                            25x22"       Giclee on Canvas             $ 650



Paintings from the "Seascapes Revisited" Series:


"A Breath of Fresh Air"                 Oil on Canvas   18x36"  


  Giclee on Canvas                   16x32" (image Size) $ 650

"A Golden Sunset"  Oil & Acrylic on Canvas  15x30" 



"Just After Sunrise" Oil & Acrylic on Canvas 15x30" 


"Wow...Dolphins!"          Oil on Canvas                  24x24" 

  Giclee on Canvas          22x22" (image size)      $ 650


"Full Moonscape"    Oil & Acrylic on Canvas    12x36" 


 Giclee on Canvas   11x29"  (image size)              $ 600


"Sunburst"              Oil & Acrylic on Canvas          18x36"         

 Giclee on Canvas    16x33"  (image size)                     $ 650



"A Rock A River A Tree"                               LE Giclee on Canvas -  $950                  

 Giclee On Canvas  10x12"                                     S/N     $ 160    Artist Proof   $ 235                           Edition= 250 S/N with 25 A/P


"Sisters of Sweet Honey"                    Giclee on Canvas    22x18"              S/N   $ 650  Artist Proof  $ 1300   Edition=  100 S/N with  10 A/P


"Uptown"                                                          Giclee on Canvas                22x18"                            S/N  $ 650          Artist Proof  $ 1300                  Edition=  100 S/N  with  10 A/P

"Steppin"    Original Painting    36x36"    

 Giclee on Canvas        30x30"           $800


"Totem"            Oil on Canvas                48x36"

"Endangered Species" Acrylic on Canvas 48x36"

LE Giclee on Canvas           32x24"                $900


"Pyramid (of African Drummers)"                          Oil on Canvas                    48x36"                              Giclee on Canvas              32x24"              $900

"Prayer Shawl"                                                                        Acrylic on Canvas    40x30"                              Giclee on Canvas      32x24                   $900 


"Grandmother Spirit"    Acrylic on Canvas         36x36"   Giclee on Canvas  32x32"    $ 950


*** PETITE***  "Grandmother Spirit"  Giclee on Canvas Image Size = 15 x 15"  (Petite)        Canvas Size= 19 x 19"

Edition Size=  100 Signed & Numbered    -   $ 450




 "Sisters of Courage"  Limited Edition Print (900)  24x18"      $ 200



"Our Power"  Signed & Numbered Edition   24x18"   (90 LE)       $125


"Sistahs Too" Fine Art Lithograph  Limited Edition 1000, w/100 APs    28x22"   $250 LE  $400 AP

"Successfully Coping"  LE 900          24x18"                          $125



"Empowered"                       LE 900  24x18"                                    $125

"Empowerment"                   LE 900 24x18"                                     $125

"Sisters"  Serigraph - Artist Proofs  40x28 1/2 " -  Retail Only  $ 800


"Sankofa Plus"  Limited Edition Prints:  $125


"Our African Diaspora"

Limited Edition Prints:  $125

"Diversity" - Section of 2'8" x 150 Foot Ceramic Tile Mural - Ontario International Airport, International Baggage Claim, Ontario, California

"Kaleidoscope" - Stained Glass Design          - West Tampa Library, Tampa, Florida

"A Rock A River A Tree" - Ceramic Tile Mural 4x7 feet, Cowan Elementary School Westchester, CA


"Elevation" - One of Six 9x4" Elevator Doors Designed for the Lobby of 1501 Capitol Street, Capitol East End Complex, Sacramento, California

"Kwanzaa Stamp" - Unveiling & First Issue Day for United States Postal Service First Kwanzaa Stamp, Natural History Museum, Los Angeles, California - October 22, 1997

"Kwanzaa Stamp" - LE Print - 24 x 31"  $300